Movable transport tool amusement electric trackless train rides

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when speak to the amusement park rides electric train, first come to mind must be the kids elctric train run on the track, to take kids run around. now a new model amusement electric trackles train rides becoming popular. it is inspired from the electric train rides, to make wheels run on the ground directly instead of the track. and without place limitation, the trackless train can run all around the park, not only a small place. 

just like a sightseeing car, the electric trackless train rides can take passengers both kids and adults walk in the park, also it is popular in the large shopping malls, can not only take players visit the place but also can help them save labor, what's more, sitting inside the rides, also can make a lot of fun. 

electric trackless train rideselectric trackless train rides

electric trackless train rideselectric trackless train rides

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