Thrilling and interesting elements in a whole for flying chair rides

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Customers always called to ask some funny and interesting rides, also can contain some thrilling elements, so i will ask them if there are rides in their mind they want to in their mind, some will reply the flying chair rides,also there are some customers said they do not know, so this situation i will also introduce several rides include the flying chair rides to them to choose. 

flying chair rides contains several parts, the roof, the support arm, the links, the chair seats and the control box. roof with link take the seats for players, when working, the roof will rotate so that can rotate the links around to take the players leave the ground and rotate in the space, so interesting, and for some large model, we also make the roof head shaking, so that players will be rotate ups and downs, some will leave the ground for a large height, some almost near the ground, seems a little thrilling. of course for this flying chair rides, if players who are easy dizzy when in circle, are not advice to play with it, as it will make you feel terrible.

flying chair ridesflying chair rides

flying chair ridesflying chair rides

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