【Name】:Inflatable jumping castles

【Application Fields】The inflatable jumping castles suitable amusement park, supermarket, house garden and so on.
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Product Description

Inflatable jumping castles as a classic of entertainment games, they make of environmental protection,and soft material-0.55mm PVC tarpaulin,according to the characteristics of children is s love, which includes slides, a variety of animal shapes , they are cute, and funny, this is a wealth of entertainment, popular children is s favorite.

Product structure
1. Material: 0.55mm PVC tarpaulin
2. There have lots of design and bright color.
Amusement park, supermarket, house garden and so on
Main technical parameters
Item Size Meterial Accessories

Inflatable jumping castle

10x3.3x3.5mH 1000D,18Oz   0.55mm PVC CE/UL blower,Repair kits included



Size can be changed by your requirement.



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