【Name】:Inflatable water park item

【Application Fields】out door playground Water pool, sea.
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Product Description

Large Inflatable water park item is a new generation of amusement equipment, design according to the characteristics of children is s, which includes slides, a variety of animal shapes, there is a wealth of entertainment, popular children is s favorite. It is safe, comprehensive, can be ornamental, novelty, bright, Durable through a combination of scientific perspective, made of super-tarpaulin make of, which is a highly comprehensive entertainment park. Player by turn, roll, climb, shake, jump, drilling and other novel modalities, to develop intelligence, physical exercise, purposes is mental and physical pleasure.


 Product structure

1. Make 0.9mm PVC Tarpaulin fireproof material
2. Lots of cute design and bright color.
3.With tightness, once inflate, can be use one days.
Amusement park, water pool, sea.
Main technical parameters
Name Size Meterial Blower
Inflatable water park item customized

1000D,18Oz  0.55mm PVC 

CE/UL blower,Repair kits included 


Size can be changed according to your requirement.



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